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Embossed velvet fabric

  • Embossed velvet fabric in yellow colour
  • Embossed velvet fabric in brown
  • embossed velvet fabric in pink and black flower print
  • Embossed velvet fabric in Red polka dots


Embossed velvet fabric

Find beautiful and gorgeous collection of Embossed Velvets. 

Embossed velvet fabric are created by impressing images into pile of the fabric under heat and pressure creating a texture and visual effect at the same time. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, Embossed velvets are most suitable for designing, fashion and home furnishings. Nrfabrics is one of the largest Embossed fabric supplier in india and abroad.

Type: Embossed velvet fabric.

Material: Polyester, ViscoseWidth: 38″, 44″, 58″(inches)

Color: Multiple

Pattern: Variety of exclusive designs.

Quality: Premium.

Features: Colorfast, smooth finish.

Uses: Home furnishings, clothing and apparel, gift and decorative items.

Embossed velvet fabric is available in a lot of designs and colours. some of the available designs and colours are as below.


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Date Published

September 25, 2015


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