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burnout fabric/ burntout velvet / devore fabric

  • white -magenta flower devore velvet /Burntout fabric
  • Twirl Devore Velvet fabric/burntout fabric
  • Damask Devore Velvet/ burntout fabric
  • Aqua Diamond Devore velvet fabric/ burntout fabric
  • Devore fabric or burnout fabric
  • Burnout fabric in purple flower print
  • Burnout fabric in red polka dots



 Burnout fabric / Burntout velvet /Devore velvet fabric

 photo:Beautiful floral printed Devore velvet fabric in rich red colour.

Burnout fabric / burntout velvet also known as Devore fabric, are manufactured by a technique wherein plain velvet fabric undergoes a chemical process to dissolve cellulose fibre and give it a semi transparent look, enhancing the solid pattern. We are reputed as leading Devore fabric suppliers in india and abroad. Burntout velvet fabric is extensively used in garment maufacturing . Burntout velvet are also used as velvet upholstery fabric. Given the quality, beautiful patterns and elegant look, they are most favoured in overseas market as well.Find premium quality Burnout fabric in unique colours and designs.

Type: Burnout fabric/Devore velvet fabric

Material: Polyester

Width: 44″, 58″(inches)

Color: Multiple

Pattern: Multiple

Quality: Premium.

Features: color fast, smooth finish, wrinkle-free.

Uses : Velvet upholstery fabric, apparels.

Justifying the varied needs of consumers, following variety of Burnout fabric/ burntout velvet  is available in many beautiful patterns. 

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Date Published

September 25, 2015


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